CEDRS (“Center for Effective Dispute Resolution Services”) is a private mediation organization serving attorneys, the courts, businesses, government entities, and the general public in settling cases and resolving disputes.

We understand that there is a new trend and need for mediation services which demands much more than what the other typical alternative dispute resolution groups now offer. We believe that our approach and commitment to resolving disputes brings greater results and personal satisfaction to those involved in the process. We hope to continue gaining your trust and confidence. Give us the opportunity to show you how we mediate. CEDRS – Where Mediation Transcends and Disputes End.

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Our Services

  • The Mediation Experience

    Our goal at CEDRS is to promote the best expertise and environment in which to engage in a genuine and meaningful conflict resolution process. Our mediators and professional staff are fully prepared and committed to provide a mediation experience that will result in a final resolution for all parties. We have expertise in almost every area of the law, and are eager to start the resolution process from the very beginning of the dispute, whether a lawsuit has already been filed with attorneys involved, or at the pre-litigation phase.
  • Case Management

    We pride ourselves in offering structured and efficient case management techniques for the parties, their attorneys, and the mediators themselves, so that by the time the mediation hearing is scheduled, every possible step has been taken to ensure a more successful outcome. We have experienced case managers who take a “hands on” approach in the convening of a case, scheduling telephone conferences and hearings, in addition to any post mediation issues. Our mediators are also actively engaged in the pre-hearing phase keeping open all lines of communication with the parties or their attorneys.


  • As an attorney in California for over 23 years, I can count on one hand the number of successful mediation of a lawsuit. However, those successes were all in the last 2 years using CEDRS mediators. They provide the best, most qualified neutrals bar none. CEDRS is the solution I've used to help my clients with a speedier outcome.
    James Cooper